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Old fruit machine 2.2 Old fruit machine Old fruit machine 1 Fruit machine museum. Lots of old fruit machines and vintage slot machines from days gone by.





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Old fruit machine Old fruit machine Old fruit machine


Old fruit machine

Fruit machine and slot machine  ads only please!

This is a site dedicated to documenting all machines made

 by  Brenco!


Based in Weston super Mare and manufacturing from 1964 to 1981, Brenco released around 70 different machines including, multi player, vendor's, redemption, fortune tellers and fruit machines. This site will be an attempt to document them all! At this stage the machines are displayed in no particular order but eventually all machines will be rearranged in chronological order. To view the index of 71 machines, just click on any museum icon on any page. The dates of these machines are based on their first appearance in Coin Slot and as most manufacturers wanted to advertise their new machines as soon as possible, this way of dating machines should be very accurate. I'll be adding new machines and making updates from time to time so don't forget to visit regularly. Before you go, don't forget to read my wanted  page  and  remember  to  leave  me some feedback.