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The Brenco factory -Weston super Mare

     With his back to the camera is George Cox the other gentleman in the dust coat looking down on the bench is Stan Board carpenter foreman.


The Brenco factory -Weston super Mare

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Here are some rare photos of the insides of the Brenco factory taken in about 1973 that have been kindly donated by Bob Clements.

Bob worked for Brenco from 1970 - 1979 and started off as a carpenter and joiner spending a few years making the cabinets. After that came promotion to the metal shop as charge hand and then soon after he aquired the top job as foreman.

Introducing some of the Brenco staff...

Brake press

     L-R  Chris Jones, Bob Clements, Mike Bates and Richard Rawls.

Assembly line - Electrical department

     In the white coat is Mr Charles Phipen who was Personel manager and the lady sat down behind him further back is Mrs I Hawkins, forewoman.

     Sheet metal shop brake press to fold the metal. L-R Richard Rawls, Chris Jones, Bob Clements and Mike Bates.

Carpenters shop


     The end of the assembly line ready for dispatch with Big Ron one of the lorry drivers.

End of an era...

     A sad time. The old machine shop being emptied in 1980.

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