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An all cash arcade machine on 1p play 10p jackpot, this machine was based on Two Reeler but with an extra odds reel. A very distinctive machine with supersized symbols, where two like symbols pay the prize displayed on the odds reel and single cherries and lemons pay 1p.

Vegas has a sister machine called Reno on 2p play 10p jackpot that may be converted to payout 25p in tokens if the operator desired. Mains voltage. Photo courtesy of Coin Slot.

This is the machine I mostly remember from my local fairground where they had a bank of 5 of these on 2p play 10p jackpot. Giving maximum odds of 5-1, it wasn't a good bet, but they did have a high win frequency which kept me interested! Also the centre reel has several Strike symbols together making the feature easy to get if you could find a machine with the two outside Strikes. The feature only pays 4p or 10p, but it could hold a few times. Mains voltage.


Fruit machine - Royal Strike
Fruit machine - Money Bank
Fruit machine - Poker Pairs

Billed as a single play machine with a free game this machine was released in good time for the 1972 holiday season. Running on mains voltage.

Brenco also exported to other countries and Manhattan was built for the Dutch market, but unfortunatly there's nothing in Coin Slot about it.

Manhattan's got the usual Brenco feel about it with familiar style fruit symbols and buttons and has a jackpot of 120 coins. As Manhattan doesn't appear in Coin Slot, the date of June 1976 is based on when the manufacturers guarantee was given for this actual machine and is not a first appearance date.

Thanks to Aad Hijdra for the photos.

Fruit machine - Silver Chest


Brenco - Header 1

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Brenco - Header 1
Brenco - Header 1




Fruit machine - The Banker
Fruit machine - Win Free

Specially designed for London Coin by Brenco, the Silver Chest is on 2p play with a 10p all cash jackpot. This model follows on from the successful Castle Royal.

Billed as having plenty of play appeal with a three dimentional flash featuring an open chest filled with real coins. Mains voltage. Thanks to Steven Huntley of Swallow amusements for the photo.

Silver Chest (Nov 1971)

Brencos official distributors, London Coin, described this machine as the automatic follow up to Silver Strike and Royal Strike. The Banker on 1p play 10p jackpot, has a changer that gives 10 x 1p change and can be easily converted from arcade to a pub machine by simply connecting one plug and changing the award card on the front window. The pub version has a maximum 25p jackpot in tokens and a gold award.

The Banker was jointly released the same time as it's sister machine, the Prospector, a pub machine with 5 reels including the two odds reels.

The Banker (Oct 1974)

Manhattan (June 1976)

Win Free (Jan 1972)


First seen at the 10th anual Cromptons preview, on the London Coin stand. At 1p play 10p jackpot, Poker Pairs was the arcade machine, where as the sister machine, club pairs, was the pub version paying up to 25p in tokens.

Mains voltage.

Poker Pairs (Nov 1971)

Money Bank (Jan 1973)

1p play 10p jackpot arcade machine first shown at the 1973 A.T.E. in good time for the 1973 holiday season. Brenco did so well at the show that they sold every single machine in their range leaving many operators dissapointed. Because of this, Brenco had to promise to increase production at their Weston super Mare factory to satisfy future demand.

Royal Strike (Jan 1973)

Fruit machine - Big Wheel
Fruit machine - The Gambler

Not much info on this one as it doesn't appear in Coin Slot, but looking at similar machines like Taverner and Doubler it's probably 1975. Mains voltage.

The Gambler

Big Wheel (Jan 1978)

A 1p play arcade machine, paying a maximum 20p all cash jackpot. Jointly released with Big Ben for the 1978 season. There's two features on Big Wheel. The first comes up at random after a losing game when the big wheel starts to rotate. While rotating continuous games with holds may be played until the wheel stops or a winner is paid.

The second , is a 10p to 20p feature panel. When lit at the end of a game any 10p payout will automatically pay 20p.

Running on 50 Volts AC. Photo courtesy of Coin Slot.

Fruit machine - Big Ben

Big Ben (Jan 1978)

A machine I remember from a small arcade on Ilfracombe seafront in the late 70's. They had a bank of 5 of these which were being completely swamped by holiday makers and spectators. Needless to say I didn't get a look-in. At 5p play Big Ben was jointly released with Big Wheel in good time for the 1978 holiday season.

At the time the maximum jackpot was only 50p but in readiness for the new soon to be introduced payouts, Big Ben was fitted with the new £1 jackpot.

Like Big Wheel, this machine has two features. The first, is after a losing game the clock will start at random and will then allow continuous games with holds until it either stops at midnight or a win is paid. The second, is when a panel below Big Ben is lit any cherry or lemon on any reel will pay from 10p up to a maximum of 30p in tokens. 50 volts AC.

Photo courtesy of Coin Slot.

Fruit machine - Vegas

Vegas (Feb 1975)

Fruit machine - Prospector

Prospector is a pub machine with 5 reels including the two odds reels giving two games for 5p and paying a jackpot of 25p in tokens. Prospector was first advertised the same time as its sister machine, The Banker and runs on mains voltage.

Photo courtesy of Coin Slot.

Prospector (Oct 1974)

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