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Fruit machine - Taverner

Taverner (April 1975)

Unusually, Brenco gave an official release date for Taverner of 1st May 1975, although it first appeared in Coin Slot a month earlier.

This date was chosen because it was when the long awaited jackpot increase became law. So there'd be no doubt in buyers minds that the new Taverner would carry the increased payouts. Buyers might have been put off if they thought there might be additional expense like having to convert a brand new machine to the higher payouts within weeks of purchase.

Distributed by London Coin, Taverner was billed as having a "super fast" play cycle and a "full width illuminated payout tray" plus many other technical features. Play was at 1 game for 5p and it featured the new 40p in tokens jackpot. Mains voltage.

Fruit machine - Oil Strike
Fruit machine - King Strike
Fruit machine - Rocket Strike

King Strike (Jan 1973)

Another of the 1973 range released in good time for the A.T.E. and the holiday season. 1p play. Mains voltage.

Rocket strike. Available in 2.5p or 5p play with a 40p jackpot paid in 10p tokens. All wins up to 15p in cash may be gambled and 3 criss cross symbols on the first three reels pay from 20p up to 40p depending on the odds on the fourth reel.

Oil strike. No date for this one as it doesn't appear in Coin Slot, but probably very close to the rocket version. Note the new style fruit symbols. Mains voltage.

Strike 40 (Dec 1975)

Strike 40

Skee Roll

Photos courtesy of Mike (MDS) and Pagham Beach Amusements

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